Advantage Improv Conference and Event Speaking Services

AI Why Hire Advantage Improv for your next conference or event?

Advantage Improv delivers high-energy, interactive training sessions to conferences and events across the United States. They captivate audiences by demonstrating how easy-to-learn improvisation techniques can boost mental agility and effectiveness.

Advantage Improv interactive workshop at a client’s annual meeting   

Audiences smile from start to finish as Advantage Improv event facilitators weave improvisational humor into content that's useful for all business teams. Audience volunteers sometimes participate in unscripted exercises on the stage, showing how an improvisational mindset helps with clear communication and creative collaboration.

Co-founders Lee Godden and Bob Doll and the other members of the Advantage Improv team customize their program for every event, ensuring it aligns with their customer's unique goals and focus areas. Advantage Improv knows how to create a successful event for a wide variety of organization types: profit-focused corporations, non-profits, schools and healthcare providers.

Advantage Improv keynote at National Human Resources Association Summit LA OC 2017

The mental control used in improv goes hand-in-hand with the skills needed to be a key contributor in an organization. Improvisational comedy tenets such as "Yes, and..." drive great improv scenes in the same way they drive effective collaboration. The similarities don't end there. Rest assured, improv is not "winging it." Rather, improv leverages learned responses that can serve as fuel for goal-driven teams.   

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