Improv in Business?

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"In our studies, we have found that improv comedians are better than professional product designers at thinking of creative product concepts."
Professor Barry Kudrowitz, Ph.D., University of Minnesota

"Implementing improvisation doesn't require rejecting what companies have been doing. On the contrary, companies need to sharpen their traditional skills and add to them"
Professor Mary Crossan, Ph.D., Ivey School of Business, Western University, Canada

"You can develop a persuasion style that is not based on pitches, but is based on relationship-building conversations that encourage people to agree with you and [encourage] customers to do business with you."
Steve Yastrow, author, Ditch the Pitch: The Art of Improvised Persuasion


"Stories are remembered up to 22 times more than facts alone."
Professor Jennifer Aaker, Ph.D., Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

"Marketing plans are never completely accurate. Learning how and when to deviate from those plans requires a form of improvisation similar to the art of jazz."
Professor Peter Whalen, Ph.D., Daniels College of Business, University of Denver

"Realtime communications, like improv comedy, has no script and requires careful combinations of spontaneity, information, and entertainment."
Will Burns, Forbes columnist and CEO of Ideasicle.

"Innovation thrives in an atmosphere of safety and non-criticism. Improvisation builds a muscle for trusting our own impulses and ideas, before we have to analyze how good they are, as well as helping develop an open-mindedness toward other people's ideas."
Daena Giardella, M.A., lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management.

"We...extract three main lessons from improvisational theatre that can be applied to organizational improvisation. We look at the theatre techniques of ‘agreement’, ‘awareness’, ‘use of ready-mades’, and ‘collaboration’, and translate them into concepts that are relevant for organizations in developing an improvisational capability."
Professor Dusya Vera, Ph.D., Bauer College of Business, University of Houston
Professor Mary Crossan, Ph.D., Ivey School of Business, Western University, Canada

"[In] a field experiment of teaching sales students adaptive selling skills via an improvisational technique, 'Yes, And,'...The study’s findings reveal increased ticket sales performance among the improv group students."
Professor Richard A. Rocco, Ph.D., Driehaus College of Business, Center for Sales Leadership, DePaul University

"Improvisational comedy games are a useful warm-up for idea generation...and it is possible to teach creativity."
Professor Barry Kudrowitz, Ph.D., University of Minnesota