"Yes, And... Hire Me!"  Workshops on Your Campus

Advantage Improv's Yes And Hire Me workshop

Graduating Students Who Can Quickly and Creatively Adapt Have a Competitive Advantage in the Hiring Process


A growing number of forward thinking colleges and universities are training their students in the same mental agility skills that enable a team of improvisational performers to create an unscripted scene on stage.

Improv on campus? Yes, and it’s as beneficial as it is fun to learn.

Applying improv-based tenets of accept-and-advance, trust building, and creative communication to the hiring process (for internships and permanent positions) has been proven to be effective in helping students successfully connect with employers.

Remember, those who can quickly adapt have a competitive advantage when building connections, when interviewing, and when seeking advancement in the job market.

These improv workshops are ideal for undergrads, grad students, student entrepreneurs and new hires.


Plenty of shared learning experiences at our recent workshops

Photo montage from recent Advantage Improv workshops


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